Cielo e Terra Freschello Frizzante Più

Freschello Frizzante Più 2019

Freschello Frizzante Più by Cielo e Terra is a vibrant Italian sparkling white wine that embodies refreshment and elegance. This delightful frizzante offers a light, bubbly experience with a harmonious blend of fruity flavors, making it perfect for any occasion. Its crisp finish and balanced profile make it an excellent choice for celebrations, casual gatherings, or simply enjoying a refreshing sip on a warm day. Freschello Frizzante Più captures the essence of Italian winemaking with its approachable yet sophisticated character.

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Winery Cielo e Terra
Country Italy
Region Veneto
Vintage 2019
Grapes Trebbiano, Garganega
Serving Temperature Best enjoyed at 6-8°C
Drinking Window Drink now
Alcohol 9.0%

What does this wine taste like

Tree fruits
apple pear
Red fruits

Food that goes well with this wine

Wine and Food Pairing
Light salads Shellfish Cold cuts Light Dishes Appetizers Lean fish


Cielo e Terra

Nestled in the picturesque Veneto region of Italy, Cielo e Terra winery stands as a beacon of winemaking excellence. With a history spanning over a century, this esteemed estate is renowned for crafting exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. From sun-kissed vineyards to state-of-the-art facilities, every aspect of the process is meticulously overseen to ensure the highest quality. Cielo e Terra blends time-honored techniques with modern technology to capture the esse... Learn More


Veneto, Italy

The large region of Veneto, covering most of the northeastern corner of Italy, produces several of very popular styles of wine, including the internationally famous Prosecco.

The climate in Veneto varies by sub-region, but is generally with temperate, with higher levels of rainfall, than other Italian wine regions. White wines predominate, and red wines are often lighter and softer, like the blends of Bardolino and Valpolicella, though this is not universally true.

The site... Learn More

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