Introducing Asiavino, the marketplace dedicated to facilitating wine distribution in the diverse and dynamic Asia-Pacific market. With a mission to connect wine distributors with eager consumers across Asia, Asiavino serves as the ultimate platform for expanding reach and maximizing sales opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned distributor looking to tap into new markets or an emerging brand seeking to establish a foothold in Asia, Asiavino is your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of wine distribution and unlocking the full potential of this vibrant market.

Our Mission

How we help distributors

  • Generate online sales

    We empower wine distributors to boost their online sales with effective strategies.

  • Acquire new B2C customers

    We facilitate the acquisition of new private customers for wine distributors.

  • Save time and ressources

    We streamline marketing tasks for wine distributors, saving them valuable time, so they can focus on their core selling activities.

How we help wineries

  • Generate awareness

    We boost wineries' visibility and traction for their wine labels in Asia.

  • Find wine importers

    We assist wineries in opening distribution channels through targeted B2B communication.

  • Educate wine consumers

    We aim to educate consumers and grow a vibrant wine culture across the region.